Foggy Grays

Foggy Grays; Evening White, Battleship Grays, Graphic Charcoal

Foggy Grays work well for the month of October. Light grays like Evening White N460-1 represent the mystical evening fog that appears during this cooler month. They can be soothing and evoke a relaxed sensation. As days become shorter and our nights become darker, foggy grays become more prominent. Darker grays like Battleship Gray N360-4 and Graphics Charcoal N500-6 are colors we experience just before the skies are painted black. These colors are quiet and peaceful, perfect for relaxing in before settling down for the night.

Colors of the fall become an accent for these grays. Colors associated with pumpkins and fall leaves pop from the backdrop of these grays. Uniting sophistication with a touch of delight, the combination provides just the right amount of warmth.

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