• Mental Health Matters

You Are Important

There are times when a person simply needs a sanctuary in which one can focus on what is working and not working in life. Therapy is an ideal place for this type of reflection. Therapy is also an active process that requires considerable patience, empathy, and a willingness to explore those parts of ourselves that may need some attention, if not change. We recognize that you are your own best expert about you.  At Dragonfly Psychological Associates, we respectfully create space in which you are guided toward a more healthy and peaceful way of being.

Your Journery with Integrity and Authenticity

Life unfolds within context. We deeply appreciate this fact. As we get to know you, we will explore the contexts of your life, both past and present, to understand how they are contributing to your current experiences.

Together, we will also develop a treatment plan that is sensitive to context and rooted in science. Our goal is to help you move forward with greater peace, understanding, and the skills necessary to live life mindfully.

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