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Law Office of John C. Kiyonaga, P.C.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

John Kiyonaga has spent the last 30 years successfully defending people accused of all major crimes to include capital murder, espionage and complex fraud. A graduate of Columbia Law School and fluent Spanish speaker, he is rated AV (Preeminent) by Martindale-Hubbell.

Mr. Kiyonaga has conducted over three dozen jury trials, argued numerous federal and state appeals, successfully petitioned the United States Supreme Court for hearing, and successfully challenged long after the fact, convictions in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Prior to defending the criminally accused, he practiced with the Wall Street law firm of Brown & Wood and served as a military prosecutor.


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Representative Cases



Won a jury verdict of Voluntary Manslaughter (six year sentence) for a defendant charged with First Degree Murder.


Drug Importation

Won a five count acquittal—alone among five accused co-conspirators—for a defendant charged with importing cocaine from Central America.


Firearms Offenses

Won a seven count jury acquittal for a convicted felon found in possession of two handguns.



Secured the dismissal of a federal indictment against a British tour operator who had accepted $200,000 to provide a European tour to a professional association for wholly…


Immigration Fraud

Won the dismissal—after two mistrials—of all charges against a Salvadoran national who had attempted to enter the country with a counterfeit passport.


Tax Evasion

Won a sentence of one third the minimum recommended for a factory owner who had failed to pay over $1 million in employment taxes.



Secured a 10 year sentence for a NASA geophysicist charged with capital espionage.



Secured a dismissal of all counts against a psychologically injured veteran.

30 Years Of Experience In Various Cases

Through our experince, we understand a client’s needs. They are always diverse and dynamic. Our firm is constantly developing. We are prepared to meet any legal challenge.


Satisfied Client Stories


Powerful & No Nonsense Attorney

John is a powerful, well known, and no nonsense attorney when it comes to legal fight or flight. How easy is it for an attorney to just take your money and tell you to plead guilty OR to a lesser charge? This is not John’s way. He doesn’t jump up boasting of anything; in fact, he’s calm and meticulous. He doesn’t set unreal expectations, but, he DOES let you know his strategy and is unrelentless and very ambitious before and after your proceedings and court date(s). He is also a realist, because let’s face it; if you can see the issues; others can too. He takes all of that into account and helps you to see what needs to happen for the BEST possible outcome. He saved my career and Government status after I was charged with a petty charge that could have been blown way out of proportion. The courts are out to get your money; the question is then…what are you willing to do to avoid substantial financial loss and family ruin? I’m glad that I checked around thoroughly instead of taking the first low ball offer from an attorney to represent me. John is a pro! I highly recommend John as your attorney.

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