I have depended on Pet Chauffeur for ten (10) years to help me get my pets to life saving situations. Whether the trip is long or short, my animals are always looked after with the greatest care. It’s good to know this kind of assistance is available and on time. Thank you David and crew for being in my life. Even if my concerts and public appearances take me from home, I can trust Pet Chauffeur to look after the travel needs of all of the dogs and cats, who are a part of my family. BIG THANKS

I really think you saved Clyde’s life– at least you extended it. We weren’t about to let a blackout take that great dog down. But I really couldn’t get him up and down the steps, we were screwed. His legs were splaying out.

Ben Hollander

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much we appreciated your services last Tuesday morning when we arrived in NYC on the QM2. What a wonderful service you provide!

Thanks also from our old, infirm golden, Max.

Shelly White

Thank you for such great service this morning!

We had a great ride. Driers were very sweet and Owen couldn’t wait to get back into the van on our way home.

Thank You! We will definitely use your services again!

Rebecca Marshall

I made an initial request at 3PM on a Monday afternoon and I needed a pet-friendly ride for Lucky, a huge golden retriever, and I to the ASPCA hospital for the next morning at 9AM.  I made the request on their website online, and then followed up with a phone call, since my request required less than 24 hours turn around.  Within 15 minutes, everything was all set up.

The ride itself was great too. The driver was a really nice guy and also very helpful. He knows the city well.  He actually hit a little traffic, and was going to arrive 10 minutes later than planned. He called me 15 minutes before the scheduled pickup time to let me know.  He then followed up with a second phone call when he was a couple of minutes away.

This is NYC and I needed a ride during rush hour. I gave myself plenty of time, because traffic happens (or rather, exists in perpetuity). I actually arrived about 20 minutes early for our appointment.  Most importantly, the communication allowed me to plan accordingly.

As it turns out, Lucky needs a little surgery to remove a growth on his paw.  He has to be back at the animal hospital between 7-8AM the following day. Again, I urgently needed transportation for us.  Taken care of with an email exchange that took less than 10 minutes.

On top of all that, the costs are very reasonable.  I can’t say enough positive things about my experience.

Tim L

I’ve been using Pet Chauffeur for many years now, and it is remarkably efficient and easy to use. The drivers are always polite, on-time, and very careful to ensure a safe ride for your pooch. (Their ability to constantly be on-time is actually sort of astonishing, considering Manhattan traffic.)

Once you’ve used them, they know you, you don’t have to give them all the information again, “She’s going back to 72nd Street” or whatever, and they have it down. My dog actually looks forward to the arrival of the van, and hops right in.

It ain’t cheap. But it saves the enormous hassle of trying to get a cab to stop for you and your animal, the return trip, having to pack the dog up for an Uber, etc. And the folks you deal with on the phone are courteous and responsive. Once I needed a ride for my dog earlier than their posted hours…they checked around, and were able to find a driver who could handle that hour, within about 30 seconds. That’s what I mean….they go out of their way to serve you.

Awesome company and people!



Robert B