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The Conversation About Mental Health

According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, millions of Americans are living with some form of mental health challenges. In addition to affecting their behavior, physical health, and job or school performance, these challenges take a heavy toll on relationships, often disrupting the family dynamic and increasing stress levels for everyone involved.

The I.C. Foundation is here to help families engage with their communities as they establish new routines and develop the necessary coping skills. We partner with local businesses and organizations to increase mental health awareness, provide support and best practices, and create inclusive experiences for the whole family. Whether it’s a baseball team, a martial arts studio, a barber shop, or a support group, our network of resources is available to assist your family in reaching its best potential. We believe the entire community benefits when families can lead rich and fulfilled lives.

You are not alone. You are always in our hearts and minds, and we welcome you into our community.

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Mental Illness Courage

Thinking Forward…Together

Many individuals affected by mental challenges dream to perform basic activities or sports but struggle everyday to accomplish them. Meet some of the most amazing souls in our communities encouraging patients with mental challenges to follow their dreams by taking a pledge. By taking the Pledge, you simply stand and support “those who can’t TODAY” that are affected by mental challenges.

The “pledge” allow you to express yourself thru your career, favorite sports, and hobby or by just doing something that a person diagnosed with mental illness can’t perform TODAY …but can dream to do it tomorrow thanks to you.

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For those who can’t Today, We are doing this for you… You are not alone.




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Our mission is to have a conversation about aging well in today’s society. Inviting everyone to the table with positive ideas and solutions for our community positive mental education.

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Our Mission is to Farm and Raise Animals

With One Purpose: Healing

With a mission to explore more on the “natural” state of mind in life, FARMASSIST focuses on alternative recovery methods that involve connecting with nature and animals.