Shingle Roofing Options

Step 3 Options

1.   Ridge:

  • a. Metal Ridge Vent – Cheapest option used on 3tab roofs more
  • b. Shingle over ridge vent – Recommended Premium option, cost slightly more, recommended with 30yr arch shingle roof because longer lasting
  • c. No vent at ridge – Existing condition and other ventilation suffices

2.   Valleys:

  • a. Laced shingle valley – Oldest option, requires metal or Ice and Water shield for warranty
  • b. California cut valleys – New cleaner look, no metal, Ice and Water Shield under, required when low slope roof meets steeper roof
  • c. Open Valleys with preform Metal

3.   Vents:

  • a. 750 Vents – Small 12in vent exhaust attic air or other small non heated ventilation
  • b. Turbine Vent – Whirly Bird brand attic exhaust vents, typically 12in diameter ventilation in roof and uses wind to turn turbine on top of duct to pull out air from attic, which positioned at the top of the roof pulls hot air out. Has a damper to close in winter if you choose to
  • c. Electric Fans- Larger Round attic exhaust fan with 112v electrical wire and humidistat controlled to blow out hot air at temp setting
  • d. Solar Power Exhaust Fan – Same concept as electrical fan, except powered by solar panel on top, and carries 25 year warranty, BEST product, longest warranty and works when it needs to because of temperature settings with powerful powered fan and doesn’t take up much room